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Doomsday Prepper on Nat. Geo channel

We just finished shooting our situation for the upcoming Doomsday Prepper show on National Geographic channel. Look for it on the upcoming ticker and should air sometime in the fall. We cannot disclose what was done or how we did on our score, but we should all be looking forward to the shoot which has much information on and “The Thrival Theory” Check it out and we will...

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The Government is spending out of control!!!

This is a graph example of how the spending is out of control and unsustainable for the near future. Just like we talk about in The THIVAL THEORY, we should be preparing for some form of collapse. The economy is not at all about being economical. A great place to check this out is the new documentary about this part of our society called This is about the same as what we talk about in this blog and we also talk about it in detail in the book as well as...

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Russia warns Obama about Monsanto!

Here is the latest backlash about another terrible decision from our government and president. This will lead undoubtedly toward more sickness and problems with disease in our culture. It seems that big money and big pharma are winning the game with the future of our country!!! Check out this link You should write your congressman or woman and tell them to stop this ASAP! We need to move as a unified group...

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Remember that ANYTHING is possible

Here is a good link to watch the following three tricks. In the Thrival Theory we talk about anything being possible when the right mindset is put to action. We need to all control our thoughts and processes much better to accomplish anything anytime! Enjoy and share this blog Dr. Dave online Foundation to a with I’ve was uses it as it. Sarah...

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“Doctored” the movie coming to Aspen

We will be having a showing of the new documentary of the level of sickness care that is going on in our nation versus healthcare. This showcases the aspect of chiropractic andthe medical establishment. We will be having the showing at the Wheeler Opera House on March 26th at 7 pm. Enjoy the new exciting movie. Here is the link

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The Next 25 Years Will Bring an Epic Crisis

This is a blog that I just received from one of my financial advisors showing the volitality in our markets today!!! The Next 25 Years Will Bring an Epic Crisis… and Vast Prosperity By Porter Stansberry Friday, March 1, 2013 I have become well-known in financial circles for doom-and-gloom themes. That’s mainly because my professional life as a financial writer and analyst happened to correspond with the largest speculative bubbles in history. As a result, I spent most of my 30s writing...

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