It is all about Thrival not just Survival and “Not just for Profit”

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It is well known that our society lives on fear based activity. That is why we felt the need to make a book about Thrival not just survival in this fear based society. You can read many different formats about problems in our society and end of the world scenarios, but it is all about the propagation of what is good in the world and how to ACT vs. ReACT! This blog talks about all the different levels of financial gain that are used to base fear in people to get them to spend money. We are not in that category, nor to wish to be in that situation. We would love to get this information in everyones hands for free, but that is just not possible in our society today. But, we did price this book with a nominal fee to make it easy for everyone to purchase. On our site you will get it at the lowest possible price. Get it now while our limited supply is available. You can also get the electronic green copy at the low price of $5 for the next week only until it gets out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Of course, you can get a hard copy and even a signed hard copy of the book if you are old fashioned and like to read it on good ole paper as well. We hope you enjoy the read and stay tuned for more correspondance on this channel, to learn more about the chaotic world we live in and how to make peace with it all while THRIVING! Dr. Dave and Dee


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