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It looks like we are looking OK for a giant planet striking us or some major collision with the earth during the 2012 changeover for December 21,2012 according to the latest report from NASA. Here is the link to the article- But, this doesn’t mean that we have to make ourselves spiritually and physically aware of what the Mayans believed to be the end of time. It is really about the 2012 changeover that we talked about in the book “The Thrival Theory” The Secret to WIN during Global Chaos. If you read the news or talk to your neighbor about how life on the planet is going you might get a different story. It seems that we are entering a very turmultous time here on earth. This could be due to some form of astrological consequences or just a change in time and space to make our transformation complete. Many different people from the healing community and the astrological community are referring to this as the “Year of the Dragon”. This is the time of great transformation and rebuilding the life we live here on earth. It is a time for us to set our intentions wisely and make strong solid goals for the near future. The global economic climate is just heating up and ready to burst.

It is not just the good ole USA that is in trouble, it is the entire global economy that is held up by the USA. We should be aware of this possible collapse and prepare for what is coming around the corner. We talk about many different solutions in the book and I would suggest getting your own copy and learning the steps to insulate yourself from the rest of the world. Prepare, protect, and Project the right thing to make your family and yourself safe during the 2012 changeover! Dr.D


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