Solar Flares are REAL and unpredictable

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One thing that we talk about in the book, is the major possibility of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) coming from the sun. This is a photo of last solar flare that was kicked off the sun. This is a fact that we can get hit by such flares although infrequent. The last one that happened in the late 1800’s knocked out the telegraph for a few months. The Telegraph was just a wire, just think what it would do if it did wipe out computer records and disrupted satellites. It would also create a surge amoung our powerlines and transformers which our infratructure is not built to withstand that powerful of pulse. Make sure that you have documents and electronic records still on paper just in case. It never hurts to PREPARE, PROTECT, AND PROJECT! We are not trying to instill fear, but to simple create the proper consciousness for general protection against the modern society that we live in today. We are talking about Thrival!!!


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