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What About Preparing For Ocean Warming?

What About Preparing For Ocean Warming? Due to Ocean Warming, fisheries and corals are in grave danger, hurricanes are increasing, and toxic algae blooms are on the rise. The world is ignoring the oceans at its peril. In late August, President Obama announced he would create the world’s largest marine sanctuary around Hawaii—an area that contains 7,000 species and covers more than 58,000 square miles. But no matter how much area a world leader protects, there’s no protecting the ocean from the rising temperatures that will...

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More disturbing news on GMO

Genetically Modified Foods are going to have other impacts to our society besides just lack of proper nutrition to our bodies. It seems that we are in another situation with GMO foods that is going to FULLY expend our farm lands to the point of total depletion. http://e.businessinsider.com/50bf94f3e4bbddbbd6c2cf1c50bf9507d2f88079040001a2/UL4XAfgFUd9Idz7hA6f88 This interesting article has alot of great information on the farming side of the genetic modification of our plants that we consume and...

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