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Remember that your health is your greatest wealth during this time of transition. We all know that the global economy is starting to crumble, and politics is even moving toward the fiscal cliff. These related articles have a great deal to do with our personal well being and financial situation. Many people think that we will individually be non-effected by this governmental fiscal cliff, but WE THE PEOPLE will be greatly influenced by how our government deals with it’s debt. It eventually be the citizens of our society that financially take the weight of that debt. Then comes the aspect of healthcare and the evolving “Obamacare” which will be a much heavier burden on our financial situation and the future of “Sicknesscare” in America. Many of us understand that it is our individual responsiblity to stay healthy and treat our bodies as our domain. This has to be the main focus of true “healthcare” which is based in individual prevention, not just the govenment taking care of our sick in the nation. We need to get back on top as world leaders in actual healthcare vs. sickness care. This starts with the food we eat and the exercise that we perform on a daily basis.

This is why in “The Thrival Theory” we spend a great deal of time talking about your personal health, because “Your Health IS your Greatest Wealth” Take control now, and order your copy today.


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