TBuy Now: Thrival Theory HandbookAuthors Dr. Dave and Dee Jensen

Authors Dr. Dave and Dee Say We Should:

  • Prepare for Global Transformation
  • Understand How to Build True Community
  • Understand How to Survive and Thrive Amidst Economic Meltdown
  • Be The Person You Were created to be, Regardless of Circumstances


All throughout history, all the great leaders, all the great minds and all the most successful individuals understood something. There was a golden thread that ran through their lives. They understood a higher thrival wisdom that governed how they ran their lives that remained a secret to the rest of the world.

No matter what the economic climate was or wasn’t, no matter how good or bad the circumstances in their lives were, they did more than survive…Dr. Dave: Thrival TheoryThey Thrived. They understood the fundamental principles of Thrival and their lives were enriched because of it.

When we understand the secrets of success and Thrival, we can live the life we choose. We can make our mark upon history and leave a legacy for our family.

You have doubtless seen items in the news about potential threats to the planet.  As an example, although there are disagreements to the origins, Climate Change could cause storms and other environmental issues that could trigger our societies to degrade into a chaos that might require action to protect yourself and your family.  Terrorist acts, such as the ignition of nuclear devices an triggering a national EMP pulse, could be another reason for one to consider planning for a lack of the normal resources, such as electricity or regular distribution of food.

Dr. Dave and Dee have extensively researched and lived the philosophy outlined above, and want to share their findings and beliefs with you.  They have authored a book, titled “The Thrival Theory”, and are making a special offer to you to be sure you receive a copy.

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Thrival Theory Stars

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