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Global Warming is like a Terror Movie

Global Warming is like a Terror Movie Global warming is posing such wide-ranging risks to humanity, involving so many types of phenomena, that by the end of this century some parts of the world could face as many as six climate-related crises at the same time, researchers say. This chilling prospect is described in a paper published Monday in Nature Climate Change, a respected academic journal, that shows the effects of climate change across a broad spectrum of problems, including heat waves, wildfires, sea level rise,...

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Doomsday Prepping – 3 Levels

Doomsday Prepping – 3 Levels Doomsday prepping is a way of life.  We hear that all the time from the extreme doomsday preppers. However, doomsday prepping can certainly mean different things to different people.  Some feel that anything less than a fully armed underground bunker filled with 3 years of food and water is a waste of time.  Others feel that having supplies for 3 or 4 days is sufficient enough doomsday prepping. So who’s right? What Are You Doomsday Prepping for? It’s become clear that there are 3...

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Global Temperature Sets Another Record

Global Temperature Sets Another Record The world is on pace to set another high temperature benchmark, with 2016 becoming the third year in a row of record heat. NASA scientists announced on Tuesday that global temperatures so far this year were much higher than in the first half of 2015. Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies, said that while the first six months of 2015 made it the hottest half-year ever recorded, “2016 really has blown that out of the water.” He said calculations showed...

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Thriving While Scaling The Financial Cliff

It’s always something. Last week we were hearing about doomsday, the Apocalypse, the end of the world, and here we are, on the other side of that one, contemplating another emergency. Mayan Culture actually imploded after several hundred years because it became an unwieldy culture. Many anthropoligists believe that “In reality, Mayan civilisation disintegrated because its leaders, while capable of empire building, failed to recognize and respond to societal challenges that included...

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NASA settles fears of end of the world

It looks like we are looking OK for a giant planet striking us or some major collision with the earth during the 2012 changeover for December 21,2012 according to the latest report from NASA. Here is the link to the article- http://news.yahoo.com/2012-mayan-apocalypse-rumors-dark-side-nasa-warns-003208647.html But, this doesn’t mean that we have to make ourselves spiritually and physically aware of what the Mayans believed to be the end of time. It is really about the 2012 changeover that...

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